EARLY LOOK: Amber Heard Makes Women's Health a Very Sexy Subject

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The hottest woman on the planet? We'll see. But Amber Heard certainly makes me glad to be a man with tingly spots that ignite like the Fourth of July every time the amazingly hot actress appears anywhere, including making out with her lesbionic scissor sister in public. Yeah, that's a primary bio-tingle spot as well.

Featured on the cover of the December issue of Women's Health magazine (one of the magazines where women make other women feel horrible for not looking perfect then blame men for the way they feel) well, Amber Heard is certain to make a lot of heretofore inexperience Sapphic gals at least consider the Slot B insert on Slot B option when it comes to the making of the sexy. That's where I'd be headed were I of the fairer sex. Enjoy.

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