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Courtney Stodden Without Makeup Looks Just Like Courtney Stodden With Makeup If You're Only Staring at Her Chest

Okay, file this under the You Didn't Ask For It But You're Still Gonna Get It department. When we got a chance to see the 17-going-on-40 Courtney Stodden without makeup grabbing her coffee in the morning, a few immediate thought whipped into our mind:

(a) Isn't she too young for coffee? Oh, yeah, right.
(b) From 100 feet away, she probably looks amazing
(c) Four beers and same as (b)
(d) There's really no way she's just 17
(e) Statutory rape laws ought to supersede marriage laws
(f) We can sort of understand why religious radicals hate America

I suppose it's ironic that such a mindless girl could so boggle the mind, but, there is much more complexity to this simple country girl than meets the boob-locked eyes. Or, you know, maybe not.  Enjoy.

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