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Belen Rodriguez Brings the Naughty Boot Fantasy Back to the Shoe Store

I'm sure I've shared before my own tragic pursuit of the selling of women's shoes in a past need-to-pay-the-rent life (not that the need-to-pay-the-rent part has gone away). The worst nine months of my working life. Throw out all your shoe store fantasies, the shimmying and squeezing of footwear onto the bloated and blistered feet of the lady folk trudging into our suburban mall store was truly like watching sausage being made. Consult Married With Children for a fairly accurate accounting.

These certainly aren't the most revealing shots of Belen Rodriguez we've seen of late, but since her abogado reached out and reclaimed the sexy Sudamericana-transplanted-to-Italy's sex tape photos, well, we are left to only imagine the bedroom pursuits of this super sexy model and TV personality, and, if you be a shoe fetishist, you might just delight in these footwear shopping candids of Belen trying on boots in The Boot, Milan to be specific, where the trendy tend to spend. Thankfully, the power of Belen Rodriguez hotness pierces even my deep psychological distress; I can certainly imagine slipping Belen into something a little more high-heeled and a little less comfortable. Enjoy.

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