Ashley Tisdale Sexy Promotional Photoshoot Will Raise Some Eyebrows, Among Other Things (VIDEO)

You know full well of our lust for the cheerleading Disney mini-starlet Ashley Tisdale and her hard-gym-worked body. Absolutely delicious. And while the former Hellcat hottie seems destined to never full reveal herself, sadly, in this Elias Tahan photoshoot for an ATcom promotion, Ashley Tisdale shows full well why we could care less about her acting talents, when her other assets are so fully and excellently developed.

Oh, Ashley, someday, you will see that all our whining and pining and stalking and ritualistic slaughtering of small farm animals in your honor is all really just a cry for you to want us back. Or, maybe you won't. Enjoy.

ashley-tisdale-atcom-promo-photoshoot-sexyby EgotasticMedia

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