Ashley Greene Utterly Simply Sexy on the Pages of Esquire Mexico

Well, word is out from the tween girls and their cried-when-Oprah-went-off-the-air moms that Twilight Breaking Dawn was just the bestest ever movie ever. But, inside sources with a male brain, those of you who are privately confessing to Egotastic! that you were made to go see this film, are reporting experiences ranging from the 'intensely dull' to 'utterly painful' right up the excruciating ladder to 'rather have my sack dropped in the fish fry pot than sit through this again.' Well, the latter comment certainly sounds like the makings of some rotten tomatoes, but we must remind ourselves of the goodness, sweetness, and hotness that has arisen from this series of shlockable unwatchables, not the least of which is the introduction of the uber-hot Ashley Greene, who were it not for this sugar-coated serial for dreamy girls, we might never have nearly the opportunity to ogle mightily.

In the current edition of Esquire Mexico, the Twilight actress and inducer of the deep lust goes old-school straight up sexy with a variety of poses and looks that only the really hot can get away with. And make no mistakes, Ashley Greene is smoking hot. Quietly epic. Enjoy.

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