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AnnaLynne McCord Just Plain Old-Fashioned Beauty on Set of 90210

Unless once a month you find yourself running awkwardly from your high school chem class to the bathroom for an emergency heavy flow plug, the show 90210 probably doesn't hold much direct appeal to you, but there's no denying, like Gossip Girl, this craptastic TV soap knows how to get attention via hotties. Not the least of which has been a wonderful couple of years now with the lean and sexy AnnaLynne McCord, who we are so glad came into our visual lives. Despite former problems with Kate-Bosworth-style-non-eating-habits, AnnaLynne has filled out in the past year enough so that we can now ogle her womanly form with even fuller pleasure.

The fact that AnnaLynne runs to Chik-Fil-A for her noshing needs just confirms the fact that she will likely someday be our future ex-wife. Now if only we had caught a better view of that side baring dress, we'd be in heaven. Enjoy.

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