An Exclusive Peek at Rachel Uchitel Bikini Candids From Mexico

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Oh, how the worm turns. Actually, I'm not even sure what that expression means, I only know how Mr. Dudley meant it when he offered to give us kids free candy if we met him in the alley behind the bowling alley after school. Turns out, there really is no such thing as free candy.

But life has certainly changed for Rachel Uchitel, the former nightclub hostess and hooker-upper of pro ballplayers with hot willing ladies, not to mention her own fling as Mistress number something or other with Tiger Woods (though she claims she was just the madam) that reportedly netted her $10 Million in hush money from the Tiger. Now, recently remarried and down Mexico way, Rachel is showing off the rather still nice bikini body of one of the smarter, more opportunistic ladies we've come across in our Egotastic! journey. When in doubt, just check the body out. And, enjoy.

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