Amy Adams InStyle Magazine Pics Stoke the Naughty Teacher Fantasies

So many sexy celebrities easy to be thankful today, but Amy Adams deserves some recognition for her work in the area of innocent-looking sweetheart who you can't help but imagine being some kind of secretly naughty librarian. It may just be me, but looking at this mini-pictorial from Amy in the current edition of InStyle magazine, my mind gets to remembering my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Lasttimer, who teased the boys with just an inch or two of legitimate leg and a knowing smile as she introduced yet another round of young male of the species onto the threshold of manhood (not literally, but there were always those boy's room rumors she could never shake, I heard she now works as a union boss in construction).

I can't bring myself to solo-buy a ticket to The Muppet Movie, but I'll be no doubt sneaking a peek at the theater this weekend. Amy Adams is like warm pumpkin pie, a pie made from a vegetable shouldn't taste so good, but it does. Enjoy.

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