Amanda Seyfried Squat Thrust Naughty Thoughts At L.A. Animal Shelter

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Lift with the legs, Mandy, lift with the legs!

I'm not exactly sure what Amanda Seyfried was doing in full squat position at the L.A. Animal Shelter yesterday, I just know I like it. Just look at that ridiculous apple shaped bottom splayed atop her well-worked haunches. Like some kind of still-frame one of my many, ungentlemanly dreams of Amanda over the past couple of years.

And, no, I'm not going to make the obvious and crude comment about a super hot woman in that anatomical position in reference to some type of boot knocking prowess, but I sure as hell am going to think it. You see, you and I are very much alike in this regard. Victims of millions of years of procreative evolution, all funneled into one amazing asstastic visual at a home for wayward pets. We are blameless, trust me. And, enjoy.

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