Adrianne Curry Boozy Woozy Fun Time Cleave-Cam Pictures

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Well, well, in between Koo Koo Roo runs for Peter Brady, looks like toned model and twit-picking wife Adrianne Curry got a little loosey goosey with a girlfriend on webcam and did some bra and cleavage play time show time for the world wide web. Not exactly sure what to make of this, but, of course, I approve. Still, I can't help but feel that this PG-13 tease has been going on long enough. As I once sweetly whispered to my high school girlfriend, 'Loving the conversation about how awful your friends treat you, but is this leading to a handie because otherwise I've got to do my Spanish homework.' C'mon, Adrianne, next time you get wild on the webcam, remember, we've all got Spanish homework to do. Enjoy.

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