Adriana de Moura Sexy Swimwear Photoshoot Provides a Glimpse of Housewife Hotness

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Could it be there's actually a reason for dudes to watch one of the Real Housewives shows? Well, outside of the bitch slapping and quick-cut editing of cat-fights between drunken middle aged women warped by botulism injection, there's been little 'hot woman' reason why to watch the staged escapades of any of these housewives who don't really seem to be wives or moms or ever really at home. No reason until now that is. Adriana de Moura, the Brazilian born (and what a day for Sudamericana hotties by the way) 'housewife' featured on the Miami edition of the Bravo! fop-fest is downright hard not to leer, both in her on-show appearances, and more notably in her modeling work, including this swimwear photoshoot where the sextastic bodied art-dealer flashes her wifely pedigree.

Okay, so you get one free pass for watching this show, temporarily, and I still wouldn't tell the co-workers if I was you. Just keep it hidden in your shame closet next to your Boyz II Men CDs. Enjoy.

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