A Little Taste of Anna Paquin on the Set of Free Ride (During True Blood Hiatus)

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We couldn't help but feel we were missing something these past couple of months. Okay, yes, there's our tab at the Store of Soft Cheeses that remains heavily outstanding, but we're missing something more. Something Anna Paquin. After such a solid run with one of our favorite all-grow'd-up girls during the last season of True Blood, well, we miss our Anna Paquin. There aren't many thespianics around with the body reveals that Anna offers up on a regular basis, sans tops, sans bottoms, just lots of toned hotness.

So, a little peek of Anna Paquin on the set of the indie film she's shooting during her TV season break. It ain't much, but it'll have to do until her full body vamp return. Enjoy.

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