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SueLyn Medeiros Offers Up Potentially the Best New Booty in Hollywood

If you're not familiar with the finer works of Brazilian-born model SueLyn Medeiros, then perhaps you're familiar with her less polished efforts, such as when she got arrested this past summer for knocking back a few then sideswiping some cars in Hollywood with her Delorean (and the subsequent giggling DUI arrest caught on tape by our friends at TMZ).

But, that unfortunate incident is behind SueLyn Medeiros now, I mean, now that she bailed herself out, and she's back to doing what she does best, flouting that big behind every chance she gets, including on an L.A. hike in some form-fitting spandex, showing off one of the rounder finer junk mounds in all the land. Is this the new Buns-Hun of the future? It's quite possible. And far safer shaking it's way up a hillside hike than behind the wheel of a speeding Delorean, most definitely. Enjoy.

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