Sophie Monk Flashes Deep Cleavage on the Way to Chateau Marmont

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Ah, the simple pleasures of a hot girl from Down Under in a cleavetastic outfit showing up to be my date to Chik-fil-A. Well, so maybe the sextastic Sophie Monk was meeting somebody else at Chateau Marmont, but it's only a matter of time before she realizes that the man she ought to be with is he who drools the most staring at her hot body. There's no reason a stalker can't also be a great boyfriend, and I do have all those fast food coupons with which to treat a lady. C'mon, Sophie, just respond to one of my crayon-written letters.Enjoy.

UPDATED TO ADD: Here's a photo of the sexalicious Sophie Monk 'sitting' for the art exhibit inside Chateau Marmont. The kind of art I think we can all appreciate.

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