Roxanne Pallett Showers Down Her Blistering Hot Bikini Body in Lanzarote

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Forever my sweetheart since the glorious topless cinematic venture, Lake Placid 3, Roxanne Pallett, the Emmerdale soap star turned TV personality turned just one amazingly hot bodied Britty brunette brings the 'wow' factor with her even when she travels, in this case, all the way to the Canary Islands where she flashed her awesome bikini body beneath a shower with just the perfect amount of bends and tugs and twists to get the male population of the island doing their own bending and tugging and twisting. I'm starting to understand why women try on so many bikinis -- this one fit Roxanne like a lust-inducing glove. Wow. Enjoy.

Photo credit: MatrixPictures

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