Pippa Middleton All Neat and Shiny and Cleavy at Boodles Boxing Ball

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I think it's time to admit that our lust for the first regal sister has waned of late, what with the rumors of her padded asstastic at the Royal Wedding, and with the paparazzi obsession with her purchase of coffee each morning at Starbucks, there was definitely a wane. But, I'm pleased to announce that Pippa Middleton is back! In a big way. In a big, dressed up in a chest baring dress for the Boodles Boxing Ball, which I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it's co-sponsored by a beer company, so I'm bound to consider it benevolent. But back to Pippa, my Pippa, and my only chance for royal bloodline. Girl, put your red dress on, daddy's coming over to make some Dukes and Earls. Enjoy.

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