Olivia Munn Bikini Top Pictures Make Some Magic on Movie Set

Oh, dear God, fanboyus eruptus about to commence with these cleavage wielding bikini top candids of Olivia Munn filming on the set of Magic Mike, the racy male stripper movie from Steven Soderbergh that has boyfriends and husbands everywhere cringing with future movie night dread. Far less cringe-worthy, but definitely hand-cramp-worthy, is the sweet bikini body Olivia Munn maintains and is now regularly flashing for film, magazines, and commercials. You don't just get a hot body by wishing for it, it takes hard sweaty work, not to mention the sweaty leers of millions of oglers to virtually trim the fine points around the edges.

Keep on bikini'ing on, Olivia, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see you soon in your own stripper movie. Enjoy.

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