Mo' Mo' Mo' Sofia Vergara Cleavetastic Swimsuit Pics from Cabo

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Sofia Vergara is the gift that keeps on giving. Or is that the bunny that keeps on going? Well, she's the something that gets us doing something that is some kind of venal sin, but the good kind, the kind you don't really need to confess and won't actually make you go blind. Trust me, it's been tested.

The poolside vacation down Mexico Way continues for one of the most sextastic veteran celebs on this gaseous spinning orb we call home, providing a fresh round of our favorite game 'What kind of cleavage baring swimsuit will Sofia be wearing today?'. There are no losers in this game, it's impossible to lose with any Sofia Vergara skin. Enjoy.

CLICK HERE for the full set of Sofia Vergara in her latest boob-teasy swimsuit.

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