Miranda Kerr Sideboob for a Hot Side Dish at Irreverent Dinner in Paris

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Every year during Paris Fashion Week, there are numerous and countless parties to which my invitations get invariably lost in the email, yes, even in this Internet age, it keeps on happening. One of these is the annual Irreverent Dinner, with the theme this year being the Gothy type macabre, because, you know, hipster socialite events tend to be a decade or two behind the latest cultural phenomena. But, out of this morass of the socially misguided came one woman who knew exactly how to turn the Irreverent Dinner into a hottie-spectacular: Miranda Kerr, vamping it up with an amazing show of sideboob from the hot Aussie model.

As we mentioned when Fashion Week began in Paris, this is Miranda's show. She showed it again last night, without really even trying. So dayum hot. Enjoy.

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