Mary Elizabeth Winstead Makes Rare Appearance in Lingerie for Esquire

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been one of those under the radar fanboy favorites for some time now, with her breakout role in Scott Pilgrim, though many have lusted her since Final Destination 3 days. It's hard to find the she-dazzling Mary Elizabeth out and about, let alone in the sexier side of celebrity pictorials, but, thankfully, the P.R. folks involved with The Thing prequel out this week got Mary Elizabeth hooked up with Esquire for a little bit of rare bra and panties peek of the young brunette cutie that we may now promptly deposit in our respective banks for future re-viewing pleasure.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mary Elizabeth is on a sharp upward trend in her thespianic career; now, we just need to see more of here, much more. Enjoy.

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