Leilani Dowding Wet Bikini Pictures and Hot Daisy Duke Candids Bless the Sunshine State

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Leilani Dowding is really capturing our Egotastic! attentions here in the States since she came over to shoot VH-1's Tough Love series. I mean, I know how Leilani Dowding can captivate the optical orbits of man-kind when wearing a striking yellow bikini showing off her ridiculously hot body and asstastic, but how does a woman turn picking up her dog's business into an arousing moment? I'm going to take a stab and say it's those tan long legs and nice bottom in jean shorts. An educated guess you might say. The halfsies Filipina hottie and former Miss Universe contestant has blessed the Sunshine State with her hotness, for which I'm sure many retired man-folk down Florida way are plenty pleased. You're never too old to watch a peach ripen. Enjoy.

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