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Leilani Dowding Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Make You Go Bananas

It's official. I'm now head over heels in lust with Leilani Dowding (and I know I'm not the only one). It's not by shooting stars or way of kismet or that funny feeling in your tummy, I mean, it's a funny feeling, and it's near my tummy, but this is pure old-fashioned induced passion by way of bikini body hotness. For the past several weeks, since landing on the shores of the U.S. to take part in VH-1's Tough Love reality show, the exquisitely hot Eurasian fantasy has been strutting about in bikinis and short shorts and tiny tops and we've even seen her classic shots in her birthday suit, and it's just much too much to handle.

When a monkey sees a banana tree, it climbs. (Just to be clear, in this analogy, men are the monkeys and Leilani the banana.) I guess men are always the monkeys. We bemoan our fate to no avail, because, damn, that banana looks so good; resistance is futile. Enjoy.

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