Kristen Stewart Sizzles As Breaking Dawn Promotions Begin to Ramp Up

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She may never smile, but you certainly will after seeing this glorious Glamour magazine spread of Kristen Stewart, looking all kinds of wicked hot as the day draws near when teary-eyed young girls, dysfunctional soap-opera loving moms craving Oprah, and Cousin Jonathan camp out in line for days in advance of Twilight Breaking Dawn in just about six weeks or so now. If but for the hint of Kristen Stewart nekkidness, I'd be in line with the entire bunch, but for romantic kisses with the foppy fopmeister guitar playing emo sad sack vampire, I'd rather watch the paint dry on the nails of the hot girls at the mani-pedi place near our office that doesn't close it's shades properly, I mean, so I'm told. Enjoy.

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