Holy Boobtastic! Paz De La Huerta Gets to Second Base With Herself for the Ultimate Flaunt

Okay, so Paz de la Huerta isn't really pregnant, but for any of you who did not get a luscious leer-full of Paz nekkid in Boardwalk Empire yesterday, well, you missed the hotness that is Paz, undeniable, quirky, weird, but there is most definitely something there. Not by the way of clothes I mean, because there's almost no clothes in this photoshoot for Flaunt magazine, just some itty bitty things to barely cover up the Huertas, or just hands, as needed, to keep from going hard R.

Is it our mission here on Egotastic! to create more Paz de la Huerta lusters? Well, yeah, kind of. And if this ridiculously hot pictorial doesn't get us closer to the finish line, I'm not sure what will. Enjoy.

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