Eva Longoria Bends and Stretches Her Hot Body for Public Safety

My desires to someday wear the blue latex gloves of the TSA inspection staff at LAX remains entirely undaunted. I have no problem with the written exam, I’m a proud B-average kind of guy, but when I get to the dry-run through part of the testing, I always get a little carried away and described by my test supervisors as ‘grabby’ or ‘far too hands-on’ or even ‘molestation-like’ when it comes to potential super hot female celebrities walking my line. But who can blame me? What would you do if you saw sultry minxstress and hot-bodied, freshly single Eva Longoria proudly sticking out her chest and bending over in her stretch pants as she came through your X-ray machine. I just know she’s hiding something in that bra of hers that could be dangerous to my libido.

Pat down! With extreme prejudice! Enjoy.