Disney Teen Sin Machine Grooming Bella Thorne to Be The Next Miley Cyrus?

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At Egotastic! we strictly follow the Scientific Method when it comes to our celebrity sextastic. That is, we get drunk and make up lots of theories about stuff we know little about. That's science.

I've got a hankering in my jones that young ginger Bella Thorne from some current craptastic Disney Channel TV show is being groomed to be the next Miley Cyrus from the Mouse House's she's-a-hot-teen-in-a-short-dress-but-don't-you-dare-look department. For comparison, check out the above photo of Miley from almost the exact same age as Bella Thorne (seen over the weekend at the premiere of Puss in Boots in Westwood) and at the same career point in her Disney's underaged but sexy teen sorcerer's apprentice program.

It's all so wrong, but I am quite sure, thanks to the Scientific Method, that I am quite right. Within a few years time, Bella will be on the auto-tuned concert stage wardrobe malfunctioning before camera in some European city and I will get to say I told you so. Which I will, because I'm totally that kind of guy. Enjoy.

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