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Demi Moore Makes Her Post-Cheating Scandal Debut; Hot But Skinny in Scarlet for 'Margin Call'

It's not easy being the Cougar. Not when your Cub is out there knocking boots around town every time you head out of town for work. But Demi Moore made her grand re-debut since the latest Ashton Kutcher cheating scandal for the premiere of her movie Margin Call in New York and, in the Hollywood cliche of 'I'm not wounded by my man' wore an eye catching bit of flaming red finery intended to send the message that she is still a rich hottie veteran sextastic survivor, not a victim. And, I'd be inclined to believe her (and definitely inclined to have rebound sex with her) were it not for the fact that she's clearly gotten skinny on us long time Demi fans who've come to worship her 40-something hot mom body these past few years. That isn't a great sign for Cougar Town in Hottieville. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, in case you were worried that Sara Leal, the 22-year old Ashton Kutcher mistress d'jour we've featured topless recently on here, had regrets about sleeping with Demi's husband, worry no more, Sara has it all figured out:

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