Cowa-Bunga-Bunga: Silvio Berlusconi's Mistress, Sabina Began, Stretches Out in Her Bra

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Silvio Berlusconi likes sex; a lot. Hard to blame the Italian Primie Minister of the Boot for loving the boot-knocking with the pretty girls, including his sexual romps and bacchanalias with groups of women, apparently including German actress Sabina Began, who was sort of Berlusconi's Rachel Uchitel, she found the girls for the Prime Minister's little minister and also said she herself was seduced by his magical 'whisper'. In fact, Sabina's nickname, 'Bunga Bunga' became the code word for the making of the sexy gatherings at Berlusconi's vacation pads.'

Nevertheless, the people of Europe are much more liberal minded in these matters of the heart, and lower organs, than Americans, who probably would not be down for an Obama orgy at Camp David, albeit, the dude could use a little un-stiffening of the collar it would seem. So, instead of working up a lather of judgement, let us simply ogle a peek at Sabina Began working out in her bra, for some inexplicable reason. Like Italy's first pimpstress needs a reason. Enjoy.

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