Courtney Stodden: The Even Earlier Modeling Wannabe Years

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What can be said of the 17-year old (looking a hard 30) reality-show-seeking starlet Courtney Stodden that wasn't already said this past week when Courtney's overly sexual behavior got her tossed by complaining parents out of the local family pumpkin patch. I mean, that does kind of say a lot. But, today, we take you back to yesteryear, when the self-proclaimed tarty teen was just a self-proclaimed wannabe tarty teen, photographing herself in every which legal way possible, with the hopes of breaking it into the big time. If you look closely, you'll see the seeds of a fairly pretty young woman, long before the cosmetic makeover and the unseemly hatched plan for stardom by way of marrying a 51-year unemployed actor who used to be on Lost, and the gum chewing and rough plain talk in interviews about her vajayjay and all of that. A shame I suppose, but Fame, man, she is a high-priced mistress. Enjoy.

(CLICK HERE to see the video of Courtney Stodden explaining to Dr. Drew why exactly she got booted from the pumpkin patch.)

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