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Carmen Electra Brings Her Body to Bear for Strip Club Anniversay

I've always loved the term 'Gentleman's Club', whether that be a classy joint down South that requires a coat and tie, or a truck stop lean-to that requires a couple rounds of Mickey's Big Mouth to see the owner's heavyset niece shimmying on a makeshift pole to Skid Row (man, that is one happy memory of mine).

Carmen Electra helped Crazy Horse III in Vegas celebrate their stripping anniversary this past weekend by highlighting her own infamous twin bills of fleshy fun in a body hugging and cleavage-baring dress. I'm not sure if being able to draw Carmen's boobs from memory on a cocktail napkin gets you free cover charge at Crazy Horse, but I am sure going to try that out this coming weekend at a bachelor party for my highway community service time friend, Zeb, whose mail order bride has finally cleared customs. We will be gentlemen. Enjoy.

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