Candace Bailey vs. Sofia Vergara: Halloween Sexy Cosplay

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I know what Solomon would do here. I don't mean King Solomon, the guy who ruled on splitting the baby, I mean Solomon Janks, my short-time roommate who I came home one night to find with not uno but due girls in our heretofore virginal man-cave, which always reminded me that dudes with real jobs do better with the ladies.

There's really no way to choose between Attack of the Show hostess hotness Candace Bailey as a naughty cop carrying a dangerous weapon and uber-sextastic Sofia Vergara dressed as a teasing housemaid. But, 'tis the season for costume fun time and I'm quite sure I have enough treats to fill both these contestants' candy bags. Enjoy.

(If you're hitting a Halloween party this weekend, please be safe and sane and, remember, don't start making out with a Catgirl until you've done a quick veterinarian inspection below the belt. Or, you're never going to hear the end of it from your buddies. Trust me.)

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