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Britney Spears Brings Out the Big Guns for Northern Europe (VIDEO)

I'll say this for Britney Spears, she kept all the outfits from her 2002 tour, though perhaps not the exact same body. Still, the more mature, full bodied version of the original young pop princess has been ramping up her Femme Fatale show internationally, traveling through the fjords of late to bring her boobs and pony show to the great tribes of Northern Europe, and still bringing tears to the eyes of many girls, and an occasional case of Norwegian wood along the way.

Say what you want about the effect of time and cheeseburgers upon Ole Brit, she's still got game. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the concert clip after the jump. I think it's a song called 'S&M' or something but it seems to be about riding bikes, but mostly just check out Britney close-up on stage flashing her cans.)

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