Billionaire Barbie and Petra Ecclestone Bring Twice the Heiress Heat (and Pink Panties Glimpses) to the L.A. Nightlife

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Say hello to four boobs and one bazillion dollars all packaged into a couple sleek jungly outfits and a night out at BOA.

The blonde heiresses seem to have taken an immediate liking to each other, with Billionaire Barbie being the elected representative of the United State in welcoming Petra Ecclestone to its friendly confines and the former Spelling Mansion in Los Angeles. To be fair, and perfectly male about this, both girls looked rather hot, flashing bodies hardly forged in steak houses, but benefitting from the good life of relaxation, shopping, and just the right amount of bulimia to fit into their haute couture. Of course, the girls also have the paparazzi smarts to keep their manfolk ten paces behind, with Petra's new husband and raconteur somewhere in the way behind chatting with Paris' perma-escort, Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis, grandson of oil-tycoon Marvin Davis and noteworthy nose candy handler.

All in all, just about the perfect pair of heiresses the social world could hope to find. I'd take either, under the Hefty plan, that is, at least two layers of protective ply. Enjoy.

P.S. For the record, and to relieve my guilt after Atonement has ended, as much as we bust on Billionaire Barbie for all her many faults, I actually don't have the space on this blog to list them all, the girl does still dress up and deck out quite nicely and very eye catching, as the night before BOA when she hit an L.A. restaurant opening in this little black bandage number. Giving props where bodies are hot and due.

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