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Amber Heard Flashes Her Super Hot Body For Rum Diary Premiere

I try to divorce my lust for Amber Heard from the fact that she takes part in the making of the sexy with other women, a Sapphic lure that has been dashing men's hopes, while capturing their libidos, throughout the centuries now. Of course, not thinking about Amber cross-carpet munching only makes me think about her scissor-kissing hot sisters that much more. So, it's pointless. Let's just focus on her obvious hot looks then, shall we?

I know at least some of you consider Amber Heard to be the honest young actress in Hollywood. I prefer not the superlatives when it comes to hotness, so many to choose from, but seeing her flashing the form and figure and legs and cleavage the Great Giver of the Sextastic done gave at last night's premiere of The Rum Diary, well, I'm not inclined to argue with those who make such a claim. When a girl looks this hot dressed up, you can only imagine her undressed, which, sadly, you will have to imagine only unless and until you produce a verified vajayjay, or pull a reverse Chaz. Still, the ogles are free and quite nice. Enjoy.

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