When Dumb Blonde Heiresses Attack: Petra Ecclestone and Paris Hilton Meet for Meat

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Q: What has four boobs, two empty stares, and a couple bazillion dollars in the bank?

Why, of course, it's joint heiress party fun time with not one, but two scoops of blonde ditziness in the guise of Billionaire Barbie and Petra Ecclestone. Just imagine the BOA steakhouse dinner conversation that took place between these two Mensa sorority girls. Thankfully, we are grounded enough to realize that it's okay to lust after a sexy celebrity who babbles incessantly about designer shoes and dinner party disasters, you know, provided they're pretty hot and have a bank account that matches your own, but with a half-dozen more zeroes. Practicality in all measures for the Egotastic! man. Enjoy.

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