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Well, Hello, Mrs. Ari Gold: Perrey Reeves Bikini Candids Help Us Say Goodbye to Entourage

Let's be honest, Entourage has been dying a slow creative death for some time now; albeit, with the dearth of story has come more and more hot half-nekkid chicks as a more than righteous substitute, so, not all bad. But, it all ended this past weekend with the airing of the final show (you know, until the movie comes out) and, likely, the end of my mini-lust affair with Mrs. Ari Gold, the veteran sextastic and underrated mature-lady hottie, Perrey Reeves, ever a visual delight with her exquisite body flashes on the show over the years. Well, as a nice send-off, some kindly souled paparazzi were able to catch Perrey on a little bikini vacation in Hawaii this weekend, where, even without the benefit of perfect lighting and highly calculated camera work, the 40-year old skinny actress still managed to tug at ye olde lower heart strings. Enjoy.

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