Violante Placido Steals the Red Carpet at Venice Premiere of 'The Ides of March'

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Long time readers of Egotastic! know of a certain secret passion for the second generation The Boot actress and singing hotness known as Violante Placido. At yesterday's Venice Film Festival premiere of The Ides of March, the George Clooney plus half of Hollywood laden political thriller, the Italian delight really stole the red carpet, even among some reasonably fierce competition served up by a gaggle full of Venetian female talent all decked out for the elite filmfest. Something about this thespianic hottie in her little sheer formal get up that just revs my Italian-yearning engines. Maybe knowing her mom was also a super nekkid on film hottie has something to do with it, still, I can't wait for Violante to make even a bigger mark fleshy mark on English language cinema. Enjoy.

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