The Pimping of Kendall Jenner Begins; But Hope Remains for Her Rescue

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Oh, Kendall, you don't have to turn on the red light.

With Kim Kardashian having sold even her honeymoon photos, how long will it be until the full pimping out of the younger, leaner, taller, hotter, Kardashian kids, most notably, Kendall Jenner. Well, I guess this question is kind of moot as the merchandising and photo licensing dollar drives have begun for the teen offspring of Kris Jenner, the Donna Corleone of the Kardashian mafia.

There's no denying Kendall Jenner has every other Kardashian beat in every major talent category (save for Khloe in the hammer throw), just look at these photos from Kendall's recent Sherri Hill photoshoot. It's not a matter now of 'if', but 'when' the older, chunkier half-sisters realize that Kendall has become the financial apple of Kris' eye, they will come for her in the night. And it will not be pretty, like the feeding of the Wolfen.

(Don't forget to join our Free Kendall Jenner Facebook page, where we are planning our rescue of the ill-fated Kardashian and also have the full set of these new Kendall Jenner photos posted.)

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