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Selena Gomez Premiere Hotness Ruined by Justin Bieber Once More

Honestly, something must be done about this woman's pants wearing midget running about and photobombing every great Selena Gomez candid photo these days. Look, I get that 19-year old girls don't make the best decisions in the world, but why can't Selena throw back a few tequila shots and whip out her cellphone for some naughty pics like the others do for their poor decisions, rather than inking her body with the name of The Devil's Midget, the 17-year old, 110 lb. YouTube sensation that is ruining our sexy Selena?

At last night's premiere for Abduction, Selena looked simply hot in black, until that chihuahua trained by a real life 'swagger coach' came along and reminded us all that God has a dark sense of humor. Selena, baby, it's time we planned an abduction of Justin Bieber; we won't even need to use the full-size Hefty bags. Just give us the word. And, enjoy.

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