Scarlett Johansson Nekkid Photo Scandal Has Her Going Undercover in The Big Apple

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Scarlett Johansson has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in regard to her nekkid self-photos, purportedly leaked this week across the Internet, and, now, quite quickly, being removed from the Internet one monstrous billable legal hour at a time. Okay, maybe she can blush a little for keeping nekkid photos of herself on her cellphone, while I was wise enough to delete all my personal furry cosplay cake shots months and months ago, but, well, thank goodness for little mental lapses.

Scarlett Johansson is hot. She's made a boat load of dough from being sexy. The fact that she prefers to hide her full hotness from her adoring and ogling public, well, that's a personal decision we can respect, while, of course, still begging her to change her mind with every fiber of our being. Sometimes, we wish all celebrities would be a bit more like Rihanna, and own their sexuality, and related drunken lusty mistakes therein, you know, like a strong, grown-up woman, but this doesn't mean for one second we won't be drooling into a lust puddle at Scarlett Johansson when we see her as Black Widow in The Avengers. We most assuredly will.

Now, Scarlett, we're sending you a smartphone with 8 Megapixel capacity in the mail, you know, on the off chance you get nekkid and snappy once more....

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