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Sara Carbonero Pimps Time By Way of Sex at Lotus Watch Event

We first fell in true lust with Spanish TV sports reporter Sara Carbonero during the 2010 World Cup coverage, when she was covering the sport for her home country as well as letting Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas shoot and score in her home goal, if you know what I'm saying. Rumors even swirled that so hot was her pheromonal sextastic, that Iker let a key goal slip by his naughty-numbed mind when he saw Sara, who FHM described as 'the sexiest reporter in the world'.

Sexiest reporter in the world? Certainly merits consideration. Damn, dang, and meow, Sara Carbonero looked hot pimping some Lotus watches at a promo show in Madrid yesterday. I'd buy a couple timepieces from the lady, if nothing else than to know when it was time to make another anonymous naughty phone call to her private line. Sara Carbonero -- uber hot. Enjoy.

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