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Rocio Guirao Diaz Lingerie Pictures Expose a Dancing With the Stars Sudamericana Hottie

While Dancing with the Stars in the U.S. proved again last night that it cares not a whit for its straight male audience, by booting off Elisabetta Canalis in one of the very early rounds, the overseas versions of the same reality craptastic dance show continue to prove that it's not that hard to get men interested in dancing, if you keep the hotties shaking their butts on the dance floor from week to week. Say, for example, two time contestant on the Argentinean version of DWTS, the uber-hot Sudamericana MILFtastic model, Rocio Guirao Diaz, who also happens to be the face and body of Sigry Underwear, which so graciously snaps the dancing hottie in their little bits of bras and panties from time to time so that gentleman oglers can devour women's shopping catalogs with unfettered delight.

The body on Rocio, wow, it's just something almost impossible to explain with words, so, instead, I choose to dance the forbidden dance of the faptastic. And, when in Buenos Aires, even catch an episode of Dancing with the Stars. Enjoy.

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