Paula Abdul Pimps Her Comeback On X-Factor Premiere

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I can't remember the last time we actually saw Paula Abdul, but I kind of remember her being really wasted on American Idol, maybe cougar-banging some young contestant, and then some crazy stalker fan exiting this world in front of Paula's abode. Colorful times, as they say. But, now, the former Laker Girl and lesser Sheen brother's ex-wife is making her primetime comeback on tonight's X-Factor as questionably qualified judge of other people's musical talents, and she's making the talk-show rounds to promote her re-appearance. And, well, whatever Paula has done naturally or unnaturally to herself during her hiatus, for the meantime at least, it all seems to be holding up for the 49-year old. When the collapse occurs, it may not be pretty, but for now, she still likes she could put on a decent cheer. Enjoy.

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