Nelleke Verkaart Goes Dutch on Hotness for FHM

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Do you love super hot Dutch supermodels who find new and exciting ways to pose their sextastic bodies in frustratingly new covered topless mode? Of course you do. Nelleke Verkaart, her name a Flemish mouthful, her boobtastic, well, if we were crude we'd say also 'a mouthful', and, we are, so, yep, they are. Well, she done found a way to use the beach and ocean elements themselves to cover up her splendiferous melons. Aargh!

I'll say this for Nelleke, FHM Spain made a most wonderful selection in choosing her bikini perfect body to send off the summer; just so ridiculously hot and curvy, like the sun itself, only, I'd like to cover this particular solar body in honey and treat it to the horniest drone in the hive. Enjoy.

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