Mila Kunis Provides the Rosh Hashanah Honey in FHM South Africa

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Okay, so these are likely not brand new photos of legendary young hottie Mila Kunis, the mags they do cover their carbonic footprints with recycling, but in our continued celebration of the Jewish New Year, what better way to drop your drawers and do a little private-time hora dance than to the site of the amazing Mila in this month's FHM South Africa.

In the past year, Mila has risen from underrated hottie to superstar hottie, starting with Black Swan where she got all lesbionic naughty with fellow shofar blower, Natalie Portman, to even her less interesting, but equally hot Justin Timberlake rom-com craptasticness. 5771 was a big year for Mila. Enjoy.

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