Maybe Dumping Kristin Cavallari Wasn't Such a Great Idea Afterall

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By the looks of these Kristin Cavallari fetishy lingerie pictures from her Jonathan Clay Harris photoshoot, well, I can't help but wonder what made Bears quarterback Jay Cutler dump Kristin at the altar. It had to be really bad, albeit, Cutler is not known for his great decision making under pressure. Kristin Cavallari can definitely throw off the sextastic like nobody's business, and even if she did go and hide form her pre-nuptial shame on Dancing With the Stars, she's still got something special going on in the making men tingly in the jocular area department. Enjoy.

(Check out more photos of blonde hottie Kristin Cavallari partying up sexy after her latest DWTS rehearsal on SocialiteLife.)

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