Lindsay Lohan Round the World Make-Out Sesh Continues, Now With Her New Boss

I'll say this for Lindsay Lohan and her campaign to compile the most random and freaky list of upper body sexy partners in one month, a list that includes her own mom, a fellow rehab graduate slash married hotelier, and, now, the German fashion dude who just gave Lindsay a job (and for which she might just be returning that job favor) -- as long as she has her lips involved in or wrapped around various bodily orifices, that's time not spent imbibing harmful liquids, smokes, powders, or vapors. So, I see this entire smooch campaign as one roundabout and unusual 'get clean' program. Enjoy.

Updated Lindsay Getting It On News: There may be yet another dude from last night in Paris (that sounds like a porn) where Lindsay looked pretty hot in red with yet another lust interest. Check out the photos.

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