Larissa Riquelme Hits the Pole With Pasties for Latin Dance Show (VIDEO)

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Let's take a moment to unfavorably compare American television once more to similar versions of shows outside the U.S.

U.S. network TV dance shows like Dancing with the Stars allows you to see Chaz Bono sweating like a fattened pig the weeks leading up to Easter dancing around like a man with a brand new baby peen to some rumba something. The Sudamericana version of the celebrity dance show, on the other hand, you get Larissa Riquelme in leather pants and nothing but pasties grinding some dude to 80's Bon Jovi. Hmm, let me see, which is better television.

'Reality' includes sex and nekkidness. Hiding all that fun stuff is hardly 'reality' television. Wake up, my fellow citizens. And, enjoy.

larissa-riquelme-latin-dance-showby EgotasticMedia

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