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Kim Kardashian Goes Leopard for Late Night with Letterman Pimping

All three Kardashian sisters descended upon the Letterman show last night to flaunt their wares, pimp their products, and hear the confused cries of children in New York who thought it was Thanksgiving when they spotted Khloe coming down 7th Avenue toward Broadway.

Still, we'd be lying if we didn't admit that Kim Kardashian, recently married on-camera, and just back from her on-camera honeymoon, looked pretty damn feline in her leopard print form fitting get-up outside the Ed Sullivan theater last night. Oh, sure, it's only a matter of months, maybe days, before Kim cleaves her psoriasis-speckled lower limbs to produce a NextGen Kardashian child to pimp, and, therein, probably transforms her hourglass figure into beer can dimensions, but, for now, on this day, at this hour, meow! Enjoy.

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