Kendall Jenner Blossoming Hotness Dominates Her Vapid Halfsisters On Their Home Turf

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The Jenner-Kardashian epic war has just begun, but the battles of late have been dominated by the young Kendall Jenner, who towers over her older chunk-a-munk sisters by more than just inches. The teen Jenner has begun replacing Kim, Kourtney, and Cloverfield Khloe as the top dawg in the Kris Jenner merchandisable daughters arsenal; and don't think this is going unnoticed by the older plotting sisters. You don't take a pimps corner without some blood being shed, I fear.

At last nights Sherri Hill fashion show, Kendall Jenner took her turn with the distant, empty model stare and living mannequin turn on the catwalk, using old-fashioned genetic dominance to show up her little midge sisters who found that even 7-inch heels weren't going to put them on par with their little half-sisters newfound heights. It's more than game on in this family, it's war. Enjoy.

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